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"What a great read! If you know a young person trying to figure out what to do with their life, or anyone wanting or needing a career change - do them a favor and gift them this book. John and Lisa do a wonderful job explaining the benefits of a career in the trades using a delightful story line featuring characters you cheer for. Highly recommend!"
Kendra, Verified Reader

John Finan

As a Licensed electrician, Contractor and University drop out. John has a unique perspective on being in “The Trades”. Once widely considered a job you failed into, the trades of today are far from that. 

John considers his electrical path to be a lucky break that came at the right time and encourages every young person looking toward a bright future to consider this path.

Lisa Brandt

Close-up of Lisa Brandt

Lisa Brandt is a former radio host and journalist. She is now a voice-over professional, podcaster, and freelance writer. And if she had it to do all over again, she thinks she might have become a carpenter.